Sunday, 20 February 2011

The Ocean Has No Memory

It's been awhile since I let myself be alone with my thoughts. It's been awhile since I've let myself come down. Recently, I've had a spectrum of emotional experiences and before I knew it I was sliding back into the old mentality I was trapped in for so long. Looking back on my previous post, I am miles away from what I was feeling then but I am learning that it's NORMAL to have some negative feelings. Rejecting any emotion is far worse than accepting that we're all a little crazy.

I am very carefully choosing my next tattoo. I thought I knew exactly what I wanted but come to find out it could have been a disaster. Quality has led me to explore a different avenue and style that I am actually finding to be more suiting for the time that will forever be linked to the design I want engraved onto my body. My only problem is figuring out what I want and making it my own. Lately I have been finding myself dwelling on every single thing I produce. Every word, every image, every action, every impression, every assignment, every thing that represents me is suddenly much more important. I think this is because for so long the importance was for the acceptance of others. Now, it's important because I know that my ideas define me.
I miss this kid more than anyone or anything I have ever missed before. 2.5 weeks down, 3.5 weeks to go. She's so much stronger and braver than I will ever be and I admire her for being so patient with me. 

Life is a great teacher. Patience is key and optimism is best. Acceptance is difficult and change can suck. Success is rewarding, happiness is key, passion is drive and love makes it all happen. I do not take what I have for granted.