Thursday, 6 January 2011

Advice I Give Myself: Real Talk.

As a human race, we are constantly assessing oneself and others. At which point does one become satisfied? At which point will my life be what I perceive as good? At which point is it inappropriate to give the world the middle finger and be able to roll in the realm of an unforgiving reality?

Sometimes it is better to not 'say what you need to say.' Sometimes ignorance is better than bliss. Sometimes reality is better left unfaced, and sometimes the future is better left unplanned. Sometimes thinking, writing, creating, discovering, and deciding are all beyond the epiphany that is due to occur. 

Movie stars have it all, yet they take their own lives. Pictures portray happiness, yet a family is in disarray. Reality is taken seriously by some, but by others is only a distant possibility. At which point does personality and decision combine to become the mentality of anyone? The decision of becoming a nothing or of becoming a something relies so much on the experiences that result in the shaped outcome of a person. The point is: as a parent, as a child, as a teacher, as a friend, as a human being we have the impact to shape the behavior, morals, values and decisions of the people around us.

Leaders take the reigns. Leaders set the stone. Leaders are the example of what people should be. If you are the leader of the next generation, where does that leave the future? If you are the product of an inefficient example, what are you doing to insure you don't become what you have been exposed to? 

Setting a goal, becoming conscious of your flaws, and making the choice to do whatever it takes to be amiable as well as successful takes a lot of thought and work. For some, it is effortless. For some, it is drive. For some, it is a life-long losing battle. For some, it is not even an inkling of a thought. Who are you? And what drives you? What are your goals and where are you going? If you're not happy, then why live another unhappy day? Change. Live. Love. Laugh. Act.


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